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Power Quality

Power quality system studies help to achieve optimum performance of electrical networks by identifying specific anomalies, distortion or disturbances allowing design engineers to analyse and remedy the given problem.

A clean power supply is the single-most fundamental requirement of any electrical system to ensure its reliability, integrity and longevity – a fact that can often be overlooked with unfortunate and costly consequences.

  • Harmonics
  • Power Factor
  • Welding flicker
  • Transients
  • Brown-outs
  • Protection co-ordination
  • Load-flow
  • Fault-level calculations
  • Power monitoring

Recorder for analysis of power quality according to EN50160

We use the Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar+  for recordings .

The Qualistar+ samples input signals at a frequency of 6400Hz and displays in real time the values of all fundamental electrical quantities featuring the electrical installation under test (Voltage, Current, Reactive and Apparent Power, Power Factor etc.) showing the trend of wave forms of voltages and currents.

The Qualistar+ combines detailed power & power quality analysis plus flicker and transient sampling, it measures and records voltage, current, power, THD, waveforms, Flicker (IEC 868, IEC 61000-4-15 PST & PLT) and transient occurrences.

Current Inrush

Ideal for measuring motor start-up or transformer energisation this feature provides a detailed waveform snapshot as well as an RMS profile of both current and voltage under user-defined current inrush conditions.

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